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Sometimes people are a bit shy about going out for yoga classes or concerned about the qualifications of the instructor or just don't have the time to drive and go the classes.  This is when DVD's come in handy.  You can do your Yoga whenever you like and best of all in the comfort of your own home.

 These days there is a wide range of Beginners Yoga DVD's available to suit everyone's need.  It may be someone wanting to loose weight, to be more fit and flexible or to get rid of any medical condition. Here we have listed some of the popular Beginners Yoga DVD's that you can choose according to your requirements. Once you are comfortable with them you can move on to more advanced yoga DVD's.

1. Introduction to Yoga: Gentle, for Extreme Beginners DVD - Evamarie Pilipuf

 This DVD is highly recommended for beginners. It sets a very relaxed and manageable pace and yet it can be sufficiently challenging to make you feel like you've had a good workout. It is set in a beautiful outdoor area with soft classical music playing in the background, very pleasing to our senses.  It is exceptional quality, user friendly and enjoyable.  

2. Yoga For Inflexible People DVD - Michael Wohl

This DVD is very thorough in its instructions and detail on how to do the poses and use props if need be.  There are sections on Standing poses, seated poses, strength and flexibility, beginning basics and shoulder and hips. It is designed so that you can move between sections to customize your workout and replay sections.  It is an excellent introduction to yoga for beginners.

3.  Yoga Zone - Premiere Collection (beginners) DVD

 This beginners yoga DVD set will give a complete workout for the mind and body.  It has precise audio and visual instructions for beginners to follow along. The teaching style is very friendly and personable.  At the end of each DVD you are taken through a simple meditation to relax and silence the mind.

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