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The word Hatha is read as Ha and tha, the sun and moon, which has referred to the two opposite flow that standardizes all processes in our body. Due to the positive and negative charges, anything in our universe exists as there is nothing inscrutability about it. This description of Hatha Yoga is given in most Yoga DVDs you purchase. The best Hatha Yoga dvds provide an interactive menu and s tep by step guide to that hatha form of yoga.

Hatha yoga set an importance on asanas, pranayama and dhyana (meditation). Yoga also aims at balancing different energy flows within the human body. About half of the almost 200 Hatha Yoga asanas are popular in the West. The Hatha Yoga postures range from the fundamental to the multifarious, from the easy ones to the very difficult.

Hatha Yoga exercises are anticipated which relieves the tense muscles to tone up the internal organs, and to improve the body flexibility. The aim of accurate Yoga exercise is to improve elasticity and strength of the body. When trained in combination with breathing techniques, Hatha yoga postures stimulate circulation, digestion, nervous and endocrine systems of the body.

Hatha Yoga DVD and manual contains the original Sanskrit, a new English translation, and photographs of all the asanas which deals with chakras, kundalini, mudras, Shakti, nadis, bandhas, and many other topics. Hatha yoga is the physical part of Yoga practice where every movement in Yoga is designed and controlled as a result of that they prove invigorating for both mind and body. The first effects felt are usually improved health and strengthened nervous system. Some Hatha Yogis reveal the control over internal organs, blood flow, and breathing. While you may want to initially take professional instruction on Hatha Yoga, once you have understood teh basics using a Hatha Yoga DVD will be the most convenient way to practice this form of yoga.

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